BUY Salomon ST-8s -- Size 12.5 US beige

What I offer:
Lightly used beige Salomon ST-8s with all original plates, h-blocks, wheels, etc. Size is 12.5 US (12 UK and AUS), and skate size generally corresponds to shoe size for this brand. There is a ton of life left in all the working parts. I did not attempt to alter, modify, or even clean them up for sale--they basically come straight from the former owner to your mailbox.

Everything looks and feels great except the laces, which each began to fray a bit on one side due to wear. Aside from some rather modest grind plate wear, moderate wheel wear, and assorted boot scrapes and scuffing in various colors from normal use, these are in surprisingly good condition. The liner feels awesome and I rolled around at speed for a bit to make sure the wheels and bearings were okay.

I saved these from oblivion because I love Salomon skates and hoped someone else would appreciate having these. I still have my own ST-90s and replacement frames/etc, so I am putting these ST-8s up for sale. They are in considerably better condition than my ST-90s, though people wanting pristine skates might want to rinse off the dirt and spatter on the frames. But I recommend skating these rather than saving them.

For those unfamiliar with later Salomon aggressives: unbeatably comfortable liner, generously wide grind surfaces, built-in shock absorber, decent looking skates. Salomon skates like these usually fit to your shoe size. Salomon no longer makes aggressive skates!

These are for sale, as of April 2018. Feel free to make an offer. These will ship from the San Francisco Bay Area, California in the United States. Shipping to other continents would be expensive, but if the buyer wants to pay for it I am willing to work that out by using whatever specialized service they prefer. Post forwarding is sometimes cheaper than global services.

These are also listed on Be-Mag, and I may expand to reddit if there is not much interest. I am in debt and need money to buy things like food and more food. Here are some additional images combining various quick driveway snaps of these skates:


Price: accepting offers
Shipping: shipping negotiable
Ebay/OnlineShop Link:


Make sure to resolve all questions prior to sending a product and/or money. is not responsible for any fraud.

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Uploaded by: launch0ramp

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