Various Frames

Various frames


dagger1504 00 says (09 Apr 2013)

I use the Ground Control gen 2 frames (like the top ones) and I love them. I am curious though to try the mook/freestyle frames (bottom ones).
Dabby US says (09 Apr 2013)

^^^those are not ground control gen 2 frames you fuck head.....there featherlight 2's
dagger1504 00 says (10 Apr 2013)

Mr. Dabby,

I believe I said "like" which means the Generation 2 frames are like those at the top because if you compared them you would seem some obvious similarities. Also, you said "there featherlight 2's" I believe you meant to say "They're featherlight 2's".

Fuck Head
Dabby US says (10 Apr 2013)

hey fuck head....YOUR a idiot THAY R nothing near the gc 2nd gen frames as THAE do not have a removable h block or look anything like the 2nd gen frames....

eat another dick rocket man
eddiebx US says (13 Apr 2013)

yea, the 2nd generation have a wider and square h-block. MURDABLOCKS!! remember those lol..
eddiebx US says (13 Apr 2013)

oh shit, he's comparing them to the featherlights. I thought he was talking about the red 1st gen's.. yea man, not close at all.
dagger1504 00 says (14 Apr 2013)

I put my 2nd gen right next to my friends featherlights and they are really similar. Yes the Gen 2 have a replaceable H-block and the featherlights have some better new feature but they really are similar and have the width in H-Block.
Dabby US says (14 Apr 2013)

^^i will again dumb as shit bro....
featherlights= shitty frames and shitty plastic built in wheel spacers(that typically dont roll well

GC gen 2(early releases) frame height was better, adjustable hardware(hilo,lohi,tri rockered anything) was can not compare the 2 at all. not a single aspect...KNOW YOURE ROLL
dagger1504 00 says (15 Apr 2013)

That's OK, Hitler thought he was right too.
Dabby US says (15 Apr 2013)

^^^ A BOSS.
kilabeep3 US says (23 Apr 2013)

from top to bottom

GC featherlite
i think its the first one

GC version 2
the first release had the H block stick out way more than that.

also the hardware was also better than the gc featherlite frames as well.

stock razor frames
and finally the xsjado mooks

TIGERARMS 00 says (26 May 2014)

The FLT1s had metal frame spacers, which were brought back in the FLT3s.. Know your roll, you grammatically challenged prick.
Ollie420Valo4Life GB says (06 Nov 2017)

Why so angry fuck heads?? Lol

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