Deshi Carbon white, size 10uk, with white Valo Souls and Kizer Element Team frames. - Kizer Element tteam


ryan6f7 00 says (31 Oct 2009)

Kind of odd to put such heavy souls and frames on a carbon boot. How does it skate though?
sweetpea123456789 GS says (01 Nov 2009)

Did you have to do any mods? Putting Valo souls on protects the boots so much better.
Thisissoul NL says (03 Nov 2009)

The entire heel of the soulplate needs to be shaven. Not an easy thing to do.
eg0u3067 00 says (05 Nov 2009)

nice man, nice, I'm skating a similar set-up. Its all the joys of skating Valos without the weight. Not to much hassle either if uv got a Dremel.
jimmytarnat 00 says (12 Nov 2009)

Hi, there isn't much wrong with the Deshi souls, other than a lack of protection around the boot, and the Backslide groove just didn't suit my farvs. Ivo at THISISSOUL did the Valo Soul mod for me, so as he has already replied, it the heel that needs most work. To be honest, the weight difference is negligable when you have frames and wheels etc on anyway, the deshi's arent actually that much lighter than most skates anyway. I Think that the Deshi souls are better for royal / torque tricks, though the soul seems slower than the normal soul plate. Worth a go if you fancy a change, but not much improvement over the deshi.

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Uploaded by: jimmytarnat

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Category: Skates
Brand: Deshi
Model: Carbon Skate

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