Spizer 1

Deshi Spizer One sizez 8
Reign Neoprene S7 liner size 8
Kizer small suspension frame
Cut soul frame
2nd regime Josh Petty wheels
TRS abec 7 bearings - Kizer Suspension


deln 00 says (06 Oct 2007)

everyone keeps saying there's something wrong w/ suspensions. what's wrong with them, and are they really that bad?
Justin US says (06 Oct 2007)

[quote=deln]everyone keeps saying there's something wrong w/ suspensions. what's wrong with them, and are they really that bad? [/quote] If you get 54 mm wheels or something small they are fine. Other wise they sort of drag on ledges. The lock on for rails is a little weird because the groove is so big. I really think the sacrifices are worth the smooth ride and flawless gap landings( and saving your knees for the future). They're a bit taller than most frames but that can be helped with small wheels. I could not ride this with anything over 55 mm.
deshi justin
deshi justin 00 says (24 Oct 2007)

GREAT GREAT GREAT skates one of the best
Justin US says (15 Nov 2007)

Actually it worked fine for me. I even went down to 52 mm. But now i have 56mm Cause my other wheels were too hard for wooden parks(since it's cold as fuck now i have to go indoors). It's weird but not bad.
khaleb666 00 says (29 Nov 2007)

those frames suck i had them on my legacys they r fine the first mounth or so but as soon as u start to get a grove from ledges they lose all structural strenght aka the suspension arms go all loose and floppy
Jamo 00 says (03 Jan 2008)

these look like building blocks n must weigh a ton
606streetsoldier 00 says (13 Jul 2008)

you wanna sell these mane?
Justin US says (15 Jul 2008)

long gone dude
606streetsoldier 00 says (16 Jul 2008)

damn, that sucks

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Uploaded by: Justin

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Category: Skates
Brand: Deshi
Model: Pro Skate

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Uploaded: 06 Oct 2007
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