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I found this on ebay i just thought it was interesting that it's the same boot as the USD Realm skate -


SkateSetup DE says (07 Sep 2007)

Finally!! I have been waiting for ages to see some good pics of the original Fila skate.. looks good
xlarge 00 says (07 Sep 2007)

they can't be good. they're from ebay! they're not allowed on this site!<br><br>/sarcasm. screw the stupid kids. it's nice to see whatever skates here.<br><br>anyway, what wheels are those? they look sweet except for the yellowing.<br>
Justin US says (08 Sep 2007)

heres the link So these came before the USD version? I don't know anything about them. I just thought they were cool. I would guess they're just Fila wheels.
xlarge 00 says (08 Sep 2007)

yeah the fila's came out long ago. they had at least two versions. one was called the krusty. i think they're were beige/tan and green and black. the cuffs had no flex almost.
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (09 Sep 2007)

i cant believe usd wasted more money buying these. they have enough shitty skates (grycon/ legacy) they should get these out to sporting goods stores.
xlarge 00 says (11 Sep 2007)

i like the grycons. i haven't tried the legacy's, but i agree that the legacy is one of USD's most poorly promoted skate. i've never seen anyone else skate legacy's except for carlos pianoski. pretty sad.<br>
blazinrokz 00 says (21 Nov 2007)

[font=Times New Roman,Times,serif;]yeah these skates were released somewhere in the mid 90's. matt salerno was on their team. they died out pretty fast and from what i heard were pretty shit. Just what i heard....never got the chance to skate a pair. To me they just always represented big companies trying to rape our they did. [/font]
Thisissoul NL says (05 Apr 2008)

Mid 90's? dont be foolish! More like somewhere around 99. Btw I have to pair and they are ingenieus. The frame even has a core system with replacable walls.
blazinrokz 00 says (05 Nov 2008)

My bad. It was released in 98. Cheers for the correction, I was just taking a stab in the dark.
Search4wizdom 00 says (31 Jul 2009)

I actually prototyped this skate back in 98. I just started skating again and was shocked to see that USD is now making them. I loved them back in the day.
tical3hb US says (29 Sep 2009)

one of my boy got these right when they came out, they were actually pretty fun to ride. Slide fast on ledges, not most comfortable skate ever but yeah Fila was in the game for a minute
ninja9 AU says (29 Sep 2009)

The best Fila shoes are the BB84 in white/red and blue and the Wu-Tang editions b/c its Wu-Tang
joeycrax US says (07 Jan 2012)

I'm the one that bought them off of ebay lol

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