K2 Stylepoint Bobs

Well found these on ebay, bought them and pimped them out like I had them pimped out back in the day. I took the toe piece off, added another tongue to fat it out, senate wheels, anti rocs from some old run down wheels about 48mm (just how we did it cause it was cheaper that way), took off the foot strap, and added tan and black laces. -


oOImpulseOo 00 says (04 Mar 2008)

I have a pair of these. I never knew you could do that with the toe. Im going to break them out of the closet right now.
klimax149 00 says (04 Mar 2008)

yea you could do it two ways. just take the whole toe piece off and glue the backslide plate back on or take the toe piece off and cut the toe part off so u just have the soul part of it left. then you just put that back into place and it gets rid of that gap u see in the top pic and you don't have to glue the backslide plate back on.
ninja9 AU says (04 Mar 2008)

such a good skate cept for the fat ass second tongue
gord_ski 00 says (06 Mar 2008)

^ haha how come i knew you would find this anyone have them in a 7.5-8?
klimax149 00 says (11 Mar 2008)

best bet man is to check ebay, but i'll keep a look out and hit you back if i fine any your size, i try to restore older blades for the hell of it so if you have any other blade in mind that's old i might have them, but various in sizes [quote=gord_ski]^ haha how come i knew you would find this anyone have them in a 7.5-8?[/quote]
illthrilla 00 says (31 Mar 2008)

sweet skates. i used to have these guys with a little more poofy toung and i had aluminum h blocks ( i rode for a skate park back in the day so all i skated was ramps ) i think i had black aluminum 50/50 grind plates too. those skates were awesome. ups you boy
teajae2002 US says (04 Apr 2008)

i smashed my toes millions of time when i did this so i gave up on the whole no toe thing...
klimax149 00 says (04 Apr 2008)

[quote=teajae2002]i smashed my toes millions of time when i did this so i gave up on the whole no toe thing...[/quote] yea man me too i just moded them the way i use to roll with them, but I actually put the toe back on and took the tounge off and just roll them with the original setup.
klimax149 00 says (08 Apr 2008)

[quote=Tj]I deonot get this extra tongue thing at all, why it needs to be fatter, now it looks like its having 2 liners?how did u get it there glued?please explain i donät know stuff but i gotta agree with ninja 9 about the tongue. [/quote] anyway both you guys need to learn your history on skating. this is why all the skates now look like damn ski boots. back in the day this use to be pimp. now you may not think so but every body and there mother that had these of any other boot you could add a tongue they did. also around this time muti laces were big.
exROVER 00 says (27 Sep 2008)

josh petty used to pimp out his 5th elements so good!!!!! those white ones....
Edd20022 GB says (02 Oct 2008)

Best skates EVER!!!!!!

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Category: Skates
Brand: K2
Model: Non UFS

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Uploaded: 03 Mar 2008
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