BUY RARE K2 250cc with Red Frames and spare parts

What I offer:
Great condition K2 250cc skates. Have the very limited red frames.

K2 250cc Aggresive Inline Skates

RARE Red Frames

Item is in amazing condition for these retro/throwback/vintage skates.

mens SIZE 11


original box
original owners manaul
all original parts such as ankle strap
original gray frames
extra K2 factory parts (axles, frame pieces)
skate wax
Skate tools
50/50 aluminum grind plates and 50/50 plastic grind plates
original k2 plastic grind plates
NOBODY is going to be have these skates. You'll definitely be the envy of everyone at your favorite skate spot. Once these are gone, they're gone. Don't miss your chance to own these awesome skates.

Continental US shipping ONLY!

Price: 110
Shipping: buyer pays shipping/Continental US only
Ebay/OnlineShop Link:


Make sure to resolve all questions prior to sending a product and/or money. is not responsible for any fraud.


eppyhonda US says (27 Feb 2013)

Hey, just lowered price. Give me $110 and pay shipping and I'll give you these skates with all the goodies too. I have a senate assasin back pack that I'll make a sweet package deal with if you want.
joeycrax US says (28 Mar 2014)

I know its late but do you still have these?
joeycrax US says (28 Mar 2014)

I know its late but do you still have these?
Marshall303 US says (10 Jan 2016)

Nice! I used to rock these puppies back in the day I remember when they came out with grey frames and the red colored k2's like these. These used to be the best blades out there haha look at our blades now. Really good progression in my opinion! I mean there's blades that you can change out and customize every little part of them any color you want. Back then if your blades were a different color not style just color than your friends you felt like they were original!

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Uploaded by: eppyhonda

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