K2 Fatty Pro

size 11.5 US skates, size large Deshi Carbon soulplates, size large 50/50 JC Rowe frames, Bones Swiss Super 6 bearings and 59mm 90a Jon Bolino Denial wheels -


halcyon 00 says (02 Nov 2009)

Bitches always complaining " I wanna lite skate, I wanna lite skate" well bitches, hers ur ORIGIONAL lite weight skate..... very nice my friend. Hopefully people will follow ur example.
Fantastic Feets
Fantastic Feets 00 says (02 Nov 2009)

Thanks. I went from the Nemesis style boots to these...trust me, they are the only skates out right now that are ALMOST as light as the Carbons.
Thisissoul NL says (02 Nov 2009)

Nice custom. The skate is really high like this. I took the small 1cm high k2 soulplate off once before doing this mod. It looks better but is a lot more work.
Fantastic Feets
Fantastic Feets 00 says (02 Nov 2009)

Thanks! Actually, this picture was taken before I sanded the soul plates down another 1/8 inch. I didn't want to mod the skate in case I messed up on the soul plates. I don't have any readily available skates if I damaged them to the point of not being able to skate them at all. They way it's pictured actually caused too much of a gap between the frames and mounting bolt receptors, and the plates bowed inward. I'm sure it would have stressed the plates and cracked them in half if I had not sanded the plates down further. Regardless of height, they skate very well and I am really happy with how they came out. I'm 6 ft. 4 in. tall without skates, 6ft. 6 in. in skates. .25 in. doesn't make a difference to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh, and these are size 11.5 US skates, size large Deshi Carbon soulplates, size large 50/50 JC Rowe frames, and 59mm 90a Jon Bolino Denial wheels.
rollman 00 says (08 Nov 2009)

You have small feets compared to your heigh mate!
MiaOi 00 says (24 Apr 2011)

oh MY!.. Nice! im a girl from DK, can you please tell med the name of the model/type boot K2 Fatty Pro.. in brown?!.. :D

ABORRELLI 00 says (25 Oct 2016)

Please email me if still selling!! Ringlio@hotmail.com

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Uploaded by: Fantastic Feets

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Category: Skates
Brand: K2
Model: UFS K2

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Uploaded: 02 Nov 2009
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