I've had these skates in my basement for a while now and couldn't figure out what t do with them. K2s always felt good but the newer styles were so clunky looking. A size 8 would look like a 9.5 or 10 due to all the extra space they put on there. Long story short, I trimmed the fat off the skate and tried to slim it down as much as possible. Since its mostly soft boot and foam, the skate itself doesn't weigh much at all. Great feeling skate, with no heel lift and to top it off 2 piece usd souls for a good grind. - Ground Control FL


arschpirat 00 says (19 May 2009)

nice work! i always loved the fit of the k2 nemesis 6transfer shell also the weight is awesome!
ant71 00 says (19 May 2009)

usd dual souls are freaking blunt and sloooow but  I see them first time on k2s and they look really great definitelyone of the best k2s I have ever seen^^
rollman 00 says (20 May 2009)

How did you make them smaller, like what tools, etc? Thanks
gord_ski 00 says (24 May 2009)

i used a saw, mostly to shape the plastic skeleton, then sanded it down. for the toecap I used a hardender for foam and for the actual boot removal from the exo skeleton i used a heat gun to peel everything apart
Justin US says (29 May 2009)

gord ski! my bro! get at me on be-mag about that lost box!

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Uploaded by: gord_ski

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Category: Skates
Brand: K2
Model: UFS K2

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Uploaded: 19 May 2009
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