this one is a real oldie..
i rebuilded them to be compatible to
ufs and it works great...i'm just searching a way to fix the old pvc nose on it..

manu from the netherlands... - kizer armor & lomax


Matt_Icons 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

Nice one mate!!! Thats some custom work going on there!!!
meisahero 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

[quote=Matt_Icons]Nice one mate!!! Thats some custom work going on there!!![/quote] hell yeah... and i'd love to reanimate my old bride...I added another pic with the lomax frame for you
xlarge 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

they look so sick. like a robot boot.
Justin US says (27 Aug 2008)

those boots look loving awesome. i thought they had the regular K2 cuffs? they seem just like deshis to me. i wanna get some
meisahero 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

@x-large thanks a starlight express gay-liner hahaha... no..i'm back like 10 minutes now..i was outsite to test them and i can say that they grind/slide way comfortabler then my spizerII's.. @Justin.. no...the king55 was the only boot that hasn't that crapy cuff..they fit  a lot better than the Stylepoint Bob,bing air and the rest of the oldie's and that was the reason why i felt in love with them a few year my opinon the first aggro skate without that plastic cuff shit... i think it's hard to get a king55 cuz that time (i was living in germany) this skate was very always saw the regular fatty's,fatty pro,fatty sc and other i really hope that you find them...shoud i take a look around here in the netherland?!
nitm2k NL says (27 Aug 2008)

Goed gedaan man! Wat zijn dat voor frames? Of beter gezegd waar heb je die gekocht:P
meisahero 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

[quote=nitm2k]Goed gedaan man! Wat zijn dat voor frames? Of beter gezegd waar heb je die gekocht:P [/quote] heeee...nederlands bloed :d ... dank je wel man.. welke van de 2frames bedoel je.. die witte zijn lomax frames (kizer)...echt mijn favo's ..super snel..en die grijze zijn armor techs..ook van kizer..zijn echt perfect voor parks..knoeper hard en echt subliem op rails mits je goed kunt mikken,..  cheers man,.. keep up the kaas, manu
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

siiiiiiiiick skates!
living_on_skates 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

armortechs en fluids lijkt me? :P wel ziek hoor! ^^
meisahero 00 says (27 Aug 2008)

@fortunate few hell yeash...rolling dinosaur...kingzilla55 @living_on_skates... je hebt gelijk...armor's en fluids (lomax edition (iets zachter) )maar stond boven al..
living_on_skates 00 says (28 Aug 2008)

ja,ik las het te laat ;)
SkateSetup DE says (29 Aug 2008)

oh no! how can you do that to your 55's You better don't tell Al Dolega
meisahero 00 says (30 Aug 2008)

[quote=AF]oh no!<BR>how can you do that to your 55's <BR><BR>You better don't tell Al Dolega[/quote]<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>yooo...<BR><BR>what's the problem...the old soulplates where kind of the fastest on the market when they came out but they realy had to replaced for some newer plates...they where dead man..btw..i have one more 55's and i will do nothing with them...they are a kind of history in my skate career..<BR><BR><BR><BR>cheers mate..<BR><BR>what's al dolega's problem in your opinion?!<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>
meisahero 00 says (01 Sep 2008)

hell yeah.. i've done it...the plastic nose fits perfect on it...i've had to do some mods but now it's done...and I love them...i will post some pic's soon... cheers, manu

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