Razors Genesys LE w Fifty-50 Balance

I didn't even remember Razors made these skates, so when I saw them I bought them asap! They're the Genesys LE, which came with upgraded Jug liners, GC frames and Genre Murda wheels in a black and white setup. I switched the stock chassis into Fifty-50 Balance Cores with huge 59mm M1 Damien Wilson wheels on the outside. The wheels fit just about perfect; any bigger and the wheels would've been touching the bottom of the boot. The frames are very solid and make power transfer very efficient. Overall it makes the skate much faster.

Razors Genesys LE Boots
Size 6-7 US

Juggernaut Imperial Liners
Size 7 US

Fifty-50 Balance Core Frames
Size small (5-7 US)

M1 Damien Wilson 59mm/90a in maroon
Blank purple anti-rockers 45mm/100a

Speed Demon Abec-7 Clear Shields on the outside and Abec-3's for the anti-rockers.

I love these skates! - Fifty-50 Balance White


sweetpea123456789 GS says (27 Jun 2009)

^Here are some more pics of the upgraded skate.
sweetpea123456789 GS says (27 Jun 2009)

Here's what they looked like stock.
Justin US says (24 Aug 2009)

glad to see youre using the small sized frame. smaller frames equal more control! but you should really give those frames a try with all 8 wheels down theyre the best for flat

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Uploaded by: sweetpea123456789

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Cult

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