Genesys SL Hybrid



Justin US says (13 Feb 2009)

i havent tried them out only finished one so far
Thisissoul NL says (13 Feb 2009)

Very nice setup!
Justin US says (18 Feb 2009)

[quote=Thisissoul]Very nice setup! [/quote] thank you very much :)
freestyleroller231 00 says (21 Feb 2009)

dude this is awesome setup. two thumbs up
*Rasta* 00 says (20 Jun 2009)

how do they feel? how the soulplate fits them, dose it moves? what size shell and plate? please write bak. 10x ps. very very nice setup.
Justin US says (23 Jul 2009)

This setup is very solid. I built it for a friend. 6-7 boot with 6-7 soul. I basically cut, shaved and drilled the bottom of the shells to be exactly like the SL shells. My friend has been skating these for several months and says they are the best skates he's ever had. The shell actually forms to the shape of the SL souls so these fit exactly like an SL boot except they are a little fatter above your foot so you could easily fit Reign, Trust and other older, thicker liners. Unlike the regular SL boots. Glad you all liked them! I build custom skates for a living so if you have any questions or would like a skate built go ahead and email me and we can talk!
Justin US says (23 Jul 2009)

[IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] heres a link to pics of the boots shell with out the souls:

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Uploaded by: Justin

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Genesys

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