Razors Murda II Pro skates

These are currently not customized, but I was going to put GC DI's with anti-rockers on them anyway...So maybe later you'll see updated pics.

The skates are Razors Murda 2 Pros.
Boot shell: 6-7 US
Liners: 7 US (Jug Murda exclusive)
Shock pad: 5-7 US
Frames: Small (6-9 US)
Wheels: Genre Murda 56mm

The skates are size 7 US, but unexpectedly and amazingly, they fit like a size 8 US just perfect. I'd expected size 7 Jugs to put tight as hell and a pain to stretch out, but they fit my size 8 feet very comfortably right out of the box. Now I won't have to deal with the sloppy and chunky 8-9 US boot.

Also, look carefully at the frames. There are no axle holes for the middle wheels. These are technical freestyle frames, which is pretty amazing. Did GC release this type of frame as an after market piece? I seriously don't remember.

Anyway I love these skates. - GC Exclusive Freestyles


living_on_skates 00 says (22 Mar 2008)

i think i just had an orgasm.. those are fcking sweet!
xlarge 00 says (23 Mar 2008)

Here are some more pics.
xlarge 00 says (23 Mar 2008)

And here's the updated chassis.
3M3M 00 says (23 Mar 2008)

#1 same ^^
ninja9 AU says (03 Apr 2008)

these are like one of finest looking mufaloving skates that ever lived
ninja9 AU says (03 Apr 2008)

these ARE one of the finest mufafu.ckin skates that ever lived. straight up, great design, shoulda kept em
xlarge 00 says (06 Apr 2008)

Just updated with flat red laces. Smooth.
richunique GB says (09 Mar 2009)

jst plain sexy bro i love thoes skates! used to hav them ages ago i miss em!

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Genesys

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