razors stockwell

these skates are my newest ones
the stockwells are one of the lightest skates around -


cman 00 says (29 Dec 2007)

lol all the photos of me skating is when iv been skating in my first pair sorry guys
Razors kid
Razors kid 00 says (29 Dec 2007)

thy mite be "Light" But trust they aint the lightest around sorry 2 crush ur rush u shud hav got the dre's or chaz's
Justin US says (30 Dec 2007)

Love those skates. Did you just get these off of ebay? I wanted them so bad.
EaseD 00 says (31 Dec 2007)

Cool skates, but sorry...practice a bit xD
khaleb666 00 says (31 Dec 2007)

if you want light skates get some remz i got remz 0703 and they are like half the wieght of razors and if you want reli light skates get remz franky morales or even better the new remz os
kris fae scotalnd
kris fae scotalnd 00 says (01 Jan 2008)

calum fit u deein in my local park
kris fae scotalnd
kris fae scotalnd 00 says (17 Jan 2008)

eh no its not ben its a gd park trust me you just got to learn shit at it

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Uploaded by: cman

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Genesys

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Uploaded: 29 Dec 2007
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