Impact 200

Razor Impact 200 with soulplate "extracted" from a Roces 5th Element frame. Everything else (frame, cuff, buckles, wheels, sheel, liner) is original and unchanged since the 90's.


halcyon 00 says (13 Oct 2009)

Dope. And I bet if roces or razor came out with this (accept ufs obviously) it would sell to emo riders quick.
Thisissoul NL says (14 Oct 2009)

I love it! <br>including the fake shodows<br><br>
ryan6f7 00 says (15 Oct 2009)

I would trim the cuff down a bit, good job though i love em
kienono 00 says (15 Oct 2009)

Thanks for the comments. Actually, I wanted to convert it to UFS with a M12 soulplate but I am living in Japan and it is a little difficult to get parts. Moreover, I don't have a drill to remove the rivets. When looking for parts, by chance, I found old Roces 5th element frame and it seems perfect for an upgrade custom on my Impact 200. @Thisissoul: I must admit that my pics are obvious copies from yours. I love the work you do on your customs and it's by looking at what you've done on old Impact skates that I decided to upgrade mine. @ryan6f7: When you are talking of trimming the cuff, do you mean make it a v-cut cuff? If you compare it to other cuffs, I think the original one is not so high. Moreover, since I am skating more on vert, I am a little afraid of losing rigidity if I trim the cuff.
eg0u3067 00 says (05 Nov 2009)

pretty sweet man, amazing skates, good to see them still being used! rockin flat too, respect

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Uploaded by: kienono

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Non UFS

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