Razors Impact 200

The original Razors Impact skate.
Very popular in germany in 1998 -


Thisissoul NL says (05 Apr 2008)

Very very nice skates. I have them and the flex backwards is even better than with the present razors with v-cut cuffs. I have cult soulplate under them and will post them within the next few months
606streetsoldier 00 says (14 Jul 2008)

i wouldnt be caught in them things... dead even
Tiggitytom US says (24 Apr 2010)

hard to find pics of these online, they were the last skate i purchased before quitting around 1999. nostalgia for me. wish i never pawned them to play it again.
halcyon 00 says (10 Dec 2010)

get em back from play it again... im sure theyre still there.... or just buy some different skates from them and start back up again.... i had those skates tpo but only a few years ago when i had my powells... i rode them like they were my main pair to see wut it was like to to be a skater from the mid to lat 90s... they werent that bad
Hypodermic21 US says (30 Jan 2018)

You know what's funny, I bought a set of those from play it again sports in '99. I wonder... Those where my all time faves back in the day, light and fast on all surfaces

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: Non UFS

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