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Mint Razors SL Aragon 2 size 10. Comes with whatever set-up you prefer. Either the v-cut cuff w/ v-cut precise liner and GC freestyle frames or the normal setup w/ featherlite frames and Jug Aragon 2 liner w the Jug footbed. Slight wear on freestyle frames as for the featherlites are brand new without a scratch and come with 4 senate brassknuckle antis. I will also trade for any mint Deshis with the old 3 piece stock sole-plates(the moon boots). Spizer 2 preferably. Hit me up for more pics. - GC F1 freestyle or GC Featherlite 1


Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (15 Sep 2008)

how much for just the boot or boot with aragon2 liner?
Sic_wit_it1808 00 says (16 Sep 2008)

[quote=Ivan STI]how much for just the boot or boot with aragon2 liner?[/quote] for the boot and liner is 150
Sic_wit_it1808 00 says (16 Sep 2008)

[quote=jaycruz]I have a pair of spizer deshis(the first ones though), size 10, that are in decent shape if you want them. I don't have souls for them though and I replaced the top strap with an actual buckle. I'd be willing to trade them and some money for the razors if you want. Let me know.[/quote] you're kidding right? These skates retail at $300 easy. If anything, The Deshi would have to be mint, with the original Deshi souls, and some cash. actual pictures, they've only ben worn twice.
Sic_wit_it1808 00 says (16 Sep 2008)

[quote=jaycruz] Maybe you didn't read where I had said "and some cash". Good job though. [/quote] sorry. Im looking for deshis with the old soleplates as they are now very rare to find. But u can still buy the A2s if u want.

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Uploaded by: Sic_wit_it1808

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: SL (Super Light)

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