Aragon 3

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halcyon 00 says (11 Nov 2009)

Its a good skate. But I'm really concerned its just gonna end up being the genesys scenario. Where the reuse the same Black, White, and Grey shells and just put on different parts. What happened to the soft boot razor idea. I thought those were bomb. My Dre Powells are to this day the best skate I've ever used 2nd was the shima 5s. They should re realease the genesys soft boot. It gives a chance to make more innovative ideas as far as colors and feel goes...... but that's just my opinion.
JamesWM2 GB says (13 Nov 2009)

i agree 100% to the above ^^ and seriusly i just want a white SL Cuff is it to much to ask :( ?
sweetpea123456789 GS says (14 Nov 2009)

Dre Powells aren't soft boot. The only soft boot was way back before Razors ever came out with the non-UFS Cult shell. This was when Josh Petty was sponsored by Razors.
halcyon 00 says (14 Nov 2009)

Ok. Maybe they weren't "soft boot" as far as remz goesbut u have to agree that the powells, shima 5s, team skate, and murda 2s weren't the traditional hard shell genesys. The plastic was a bit thinner around the top part of the foot. And since it was basically a clothed area and softer than usual I just call it a soft boot...... but they still should bring them back. The murda 2s were the dopest lookin skates ever.
JamesWM2 GB says (14 Nov 2009)

i had them all, Shima 5 were great, Murda 2's were great and Dre Powells were the BEST and compaired to the rest of the razor skates they are basicly soft boots.
LETUROKING 00 says (17 Nov 2009)

i agree with the soft boot thing, but i have to say that I was waiting for this to come so badª I have the icons 2 and i need to say it is such a nice skate, but there are some thin that could be better, like the fact that the negative plate it is almost none, and the skate it's to high they should bring them with the v=CUT

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: SL (Super Light)

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