Just another SL revisited

The same skate from my previous post, but I got new white sliders and white backsliders (Revolution ran out of black).

I dyed the sliders purple and then dyed the backslides black and my originally black cuff that got spray-painted white back to black.

The cuff had a cool blackish-purple look, due to the white spraypaint. Then I peeled off the cut vinyl that was there before to reveal a reverse white out of the graphic. Top it all off with a coat of clear spray paint to keep the dye color longer. - stock featherlights


TecniG 00 says (15 Nov 2008)

dont reallly like that dye and sprayjob but what size is this booz?
so wack
so wack PR says (16 Nov 2008)

Thanks for the feedback. Boots are size 11.
skatejamie GB says (07 Dec 2008)

some good ideas with the clear spray to keep the colours, but the clear spray tends to make the plastics too glossy. Larger skates tend to be out of preportion as the cuff is the same size as the size 8, which they are originally designed around for sizing. You may wanna consider rotating your wheels or getting a new set. Proline do some good 57mm 94a wheels. last forever but slide on ramps like a bitch!

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Uploaded by: so wack

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: SL (Super Light)

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