icon 2

icon 2's with red sliders, jug argyle v-cut liners and red v-cut cuffs -


new-waveroller 00 says (28 Jan 2010)

hmm...I think I've seen this set-up somewhere before... oh wait i have looks like i've found u richi haha Elliot. Safe.
richunique GB says (31 Jan 2010)

safe bro hows the valo's treating u?
new-waveroller 00 says (31 Jan 2010)

Pretty bad tbh man, liners suck so bad n my jugs r too long for em look great n i learnt a few new tricks in them but when i went back to my icons i fell in love with them again haha hows the v-cut? i the process of sellin my valo so i might do what you'v done.
richunique GB says (01 Feb 2010)

sick yer v-cut is completely worth it! it took a bit gettin used to but it gives u mre flex to do bigger shit lol im comin back down in bout a month i think il drop u a txt
new-waveroller 00 says (01 Feb 2010)

ayt sounds good, i look 4ward to it how much did all that cost? might do the same but in purple either dye the cuff or v-cut a regular purple one?
richunique GB says (05 Feb 2010)

cuff's were 10ner from my mate but they cost 25 in shops, the sliders were like £17 i think n the liners were 53. prolineskates all the way mate!
new-waveroller 00 says (05 Feb 2010)

yo just got all my stuff today but my left cuff is like rusted on lol so i cant set up my left skate wich suks big time.

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Uploaded by: richunique

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Category: Skates
Brand: Razors
Model: SL (Super Light)

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