1998 White Remedyz Original

These are the 1998 Remedyz that Kato found around. They still have the original OUT frame with the metal H Block!. I really want to make these into UFS skates!! Anyone know a good way to do it ? -


Thisissoul NL says (24 Nov 2008)

Great find. Let us customize them for you. A new remz soulplate would look very nice on them. email us at custom@thisissoul.nl for more information.
Justin US says (24 Nov 2008)

[quote=Thisissoul]Great find. Let us customize them for you. A new remz soulplate would look very nice on them. email us at custom@thisissoul.nl for more information. [/quote] you put ufs remz souls on the classics? i gotta see that!
Chrisedmo 00 says (24 Nov 2008)

I've just emailed thisissoul about the soul plates - that'd be so good - if it works, ill post pics!
xlarge 00 says (25 Nov 2008)

Don't do it! Only a fool would modify a skate this rare, with this type of original hardware. What were you thinking douche?
Angus690 00 says (25 Nov 2008)

Shouldn't modify something this old and rare but DAM it would be kool too see them with new shit. Its never been done before.
Chrisedmo 00 says (25 Nov 2008)

Well, if it damages them i wont do it, but i want to start skating again, and i cant afford new skates, so this is the way to go really. I tried to sell them but no one would buy them.
R2D2 00 says (28 Nov 2008)

Hey!!i really wana buy them!!! send me an email comesoria@hotmail.com
JamesWM2 GB says (28 Nov 2008)

Send me an Email to im interested to buy them with them being so rare JamesWilson_G7@live.co.uk
Edd20022 GB says (12 Dec 2008)

DONT DO IT!!!! If you want soem UFS Remz go and buy the 0803's. You would be a IDIOT to start cutting and hacking away at such a rare skate! For the love of God dont even think about it!!!!!!
abritto3 00 says (19 Dec 2008)

I'd keep these as a collectors item

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Uploaded by: Chrisedmo

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Non UFS

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Uploaded: 24 Nov 2008
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