Remedyz from the year 2000

2000 Remedies with some Valo frames flat on some Second Regimes. Funnest skates I have ever had. -


ant71 00 says (16 Jun 2009)

so coooool ;o maybe try fitting remz one piece soulframe and normal bs plate on them?:D
Zacharias 00 says (16 Jun 2009)

No way that would be ridiculous, I prefer no BS plate and a soul that is close to my foot. They skate perfect.
Chrisedmo 00 says (16 Jun 2009)

How did you get the UFS frames on ? I have some 98 remz...
Zacharias 00 says (16 Jun 2009)

You get an old GC adapter and cut an little bit of the front off. Then you put it in the heel plate and drill a hole for the back frame bolt. The soul size is fine, man up.
rollman 00 says (18 Jun 2009)

What size are the wheels? The groove looks much bigger on your pics than on the internet stock pics.
Zacharias 00 says (18 Jun 2009)

The wheels are originally 56mm but I have had them for a while before those frames. They are amazing frames for flat, I would not worry about the groove size if I had brand new wheels in them.
exROVER 00 says (24 Jul 2009)

it's funny most of these new kids will bitch about not having HUGE soul plates. i starting skating in 97 and then quit in 01 or 02 and now im skating again and all the skates soul plates are huge now! i want my old salomon ST9's back! those were the best skates i ever skated. they still blow most of the new skates away!
jcub US says (02 Nov 2013)

But How to get the front of boot flat?

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Uploaded by: Zacharias

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Non UFS

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