BUY Remz 03 One Sz 10 US Fiziks Frames

What I offer:
Selling my skates from back in the day.

Make me an offer on price.

Remedyz Remz 03 One Skates Size 10 US

Boots are still in pretty good shape. Could use new laces. Right boot soul plate and backslide plate is worn but still has life. Left boot soul plates and backside has little wear. Plastic cuff has V-cut.

The Fiziks suspension frames are in rough shape cuz I had them on one or two pairs of skates before these. But, I include them because someone may want to try them as they were part of skate history and can’t be found anywhere. The H-blocks are worn, some rust on hardware, hairline cracks by axel of front middle wheels. Aluminum rocker arms in front and back. Mindgame Boson Higgs anti rocker wheels x2 (might be able to find the other 2 in storage). UHMW plastic anti rockers in the other frame. I wouldn’t do big gaps with them but they roll fine and are fun. They were stored inside in basement for years.

Wheels and bearings are in rough shape.

Make me an offer.

Not sure what U.S. or International Shipping price might be...

Price: $1
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Uploaded by: locodog2020

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