Remz 0601

Finally destroyed my 0301s and brought out the 0601s.

Remz 0601 Boot. 10-11 shell. Low-cut skin.
Jug Imperial liners. Size 10.
One-piece soul system.
Remz cuffs.
4x4 Haffey 57/90 outers.
M1 UHMW antis.
Generic Abec 5s.
Extra tongue to reduce heel-lift. - GC Bullet DIs.


xlarge 00 says (12 Sep 2007)

i gave you a 6/6.
Justin US says (12 Sep 2007)

I think it's cool you cut the lace protector strap pointless thing but why cut the top? Not against it, just wondering. Also, how are the liners?
OKIFYOUSAYSO 00 says (13 Sep 2007)

I got the boots used. Besides the cutting they really had no real wear. So I didn't cut them, but I think it looks straight. I wear my cuffs pretty tight, so you can't see my liners/cuffs/straps anyway. The liners are nice. A little tight in the toes until I broke them in, and had a little heel lift until I put the second tongue in, but pretty comfy overall. Durable as hell. All black is nice.
McPommes 00 says (13 Sep 2007)

What 's the matter? That's the most ugly Remz I ever seen. I gave you 2/6 because the colours do match.
murda_jr427 00 says (17 Dec 2007)

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Skinned Boot

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