Remz 0703

My O7O3's:

My own scarlet dye job
GC formula 1 freestyle frame with red h-block
Eulogy Austin Paz 57mm/89a wheels
Rush abec 7 bearings -


joejamin121 00 says (07 Jan 2008)

v.nice are they easy to dye?
Justin US says (07 Jan 2008)

Very nice. Good choice of frames. Xsjados are nice too.
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (08 Jan 2008)

thanks, they are pretty easy since you pretty much dye the whole boot and obviously only the white absorbs the dye.
LuminatX 00 says (08 Jan 2008)

where did u get those dyed? or did u do it urself? i got those skates and wouldn't mind makin em red like that..
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (08 Jan 2008)

I dyed them myself, I used powder RIT dye, a giant bucket with hot water and just drop the dissasembled skate inside for about an hour or two.
halifaxsydney342 00 says (09 Jan 2008)

i enjoy this setup
ninja9 AU says (10 Jan 2008)

wow awrite then.good.interesting. pretty cool. you got same wheels as me, take em off
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (11 Jan 2008)

post your setup ninja!
KORAZ 00 says (11 Jan 2008)

great skates, nice colors....
Majin-Kiisu 00 says (13 Jan 2008)

You have very good dying skills. well done.
ShImAnAtOr 00 says (14 Jan 2008)

[size="3"][font=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;]these r totally sick, it only takes 10 mins to dye tho, not an hour[/font][/size]
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (14 Jan 2008)

yeah well i've dyed a couple of skates before and noticed that letting them soak longer makes them brighter and longer lasting. like brushing your teeth you know jejejeje
ulisesortega 00 says (17 Mar 2008)

These are the Heidys Clumps of the skates
nitm2k NL says (23 Mar 2008)

Verry nicely done man!
kirk 00 says (23 Apr 2008)

nice colors on the remz but why do you always gotta draw on your shit though. Do you have special issues or some shit???
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (23 Apr 2008)

yeah I do, it's called originality LOL you know what... you're pretty fun kirk jajjajajajaja

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Uploaded by: Ivan STI

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Skinned Boot

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Uploaded: 07 Jan 2008
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