Remz 0703

This is my best setup n u should try it toO! damn comfy!

Remz 0703
V-cut cuffs
Crap bearing
Jug Precise V-cut liner
Eulogy arlo eisenberg wheel
Ground control Featherlites 2 white

ENjoy! Cheers from the lion city singappore! -


lilchamp7 00 says (11 Feb 2009)

love them but get new wheels remz team wheels suck
skatejamie GB says (12 Feb 2009)

Nice setup. These are my most favourite Remz next to any of the Haffey pro models. I bet they do feel and ride real nice with the Jug liners. Although the Remz liners are really nice too. Except that the in my old Haffeys the liner tongue gets all folder and twisted a lot. If they were mine I would put some white BS plates and white souls on them. Also I would change the wheels for some Street Artist or Eulogy wheels with some vicious 7 bearings.
Fezzz 00 says (13 Feb 2009)

thanx for the compliment fella's. will try to change the wheels but i love crap bearings the most. the can really take the beating of my skating. wanna try the M1 wheels though. abt the jug liners the really have more feel than the remz liners. remz liners are just too thick for me, im not saying the bad but its just tooo thick for me. jug precise is not too thick nor too thin. and they have more feel in your grinds.
speedy9_78 00 says (13 Feb 2009)

where on earth did you find a brand new pair of 0703s? they've been off the market for about 2 years. good looking skates tho;)
Fezzz 00 says (16 Feb 2009)

Thanx [u]speedy9 78![/u] oh and these skates a still selling in my country! left a few sizes only. BUT its hard to to see a SHOP selling new skate models in singapore. sucks.

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Uploaded by: Fezzz

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Category: Skates
Brand: Remz
Model: Skinned Boot

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