Roces Majestic 12 Classic

This is a classic Majestic from the very first series in dark grey, with high cuff and the 13 printed on the cuff. The skate was equiped with Senate Lowrider wheels 56mm/90a and Abec 3 bearings.
Thought it would be cooler to have some Vikings with Abec 9 bearings on the skate.
The cuff is going to be cutted of a little bit and there is going to be a tumor plate fixed to have a little bit more place for souls.

This is the very best oldschool setup!;-) -


xlarge 00 says (12 Sep 2007)

i love you. these rock.
speedy9_78 00 says (24 Jul 2008)

these are the uglyest, dumbest skates ever seen
Edd20022 GB says (17 Dec 2008)

I notice a lot of people wanna slag these skates off, personally i never liked the M12's i started off on the original grey K2 Fattys (not the Fatty Pros - they came a year later) BUT...... I do acknowledge like EVERYONE on here should, that we owe our entire lifestyles, sport and love to these skates. This is where it really all began (with the exception of the CE Tarmac, but that was no way near as good or popular) And for that reason alone i salute you!!

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Uploaded by: Bassbeton6996

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Category: Skates
Brand: Roces
Model: Majestic 12 NON UFS

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Uploaded: 11 Sep 2007
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