Roces Rome UFS mod

Found some Sky Blue Roces Rome's and converted then to UFS. - Point 8 TRS Frames


Bassbeton6996 00 says (28 Jul 2008)

nice shell colour! but get some alloy buckles. those plastic ones will last for about 10 minutes.:-)
*Rasta* 00 says (28 Jul 2008)

nice setup dude!!! but change the buckles
Thisissoul NL says (28 Jul 2008)

Nice! we did a custom with that skate aswell. check out a previeuw at our flickr.
razors1 00 says (28 Jul 2008)

must be impossible for ledge topsides lol, but sweet
Bassbeton6996 00 says (28 Jul 2008)

i even do negatives with ufs roces. so the soulframe is big enough. even the height of the rollerblade frame is no problem, and i skate that frame with 72mm wheels. its no problem to flex the skate even when the cuff is really tight.
punkpc US says (29 Jul 2008)

yeah I plan on changing the buckles for some alloys as soon as I find a pair.<br><br>and I dont do this set up for the parks, these are more for just getting around down town. I cant stand rec setups and standerd aggressive setups are to slow in traffic. So I did this hybrid setup to go faster and still be anti... oh and the Swiss bearings help too <img src="templates/multilingual/images/smilies/wink.gif" alt="Winken" border="0"><br><br>Oh and as far soul space... for me there's plenty... im old skool so I rode when we didnt have the soul space you kids grew up on... we had as much soul as you see on the rec setup in the bottom pix... so anything is a improvement... hehe<br>
Bassbeton6996 00 says (29 Jul 2008)

get yourself some salomon buckles. they are the longest lasting buckles ever.
nitm2k NL says (27 Aug 2008)

Great job mate!
Justin US says (13 Oct 2008)

very nice mod. good to know they arent dyed :)
Bradderrs 00 says (12 May 2012)

Can't believe how old this mould is! And that Valo are still using it!

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Uploaded by: punkpc

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Category: Skates
Brand: Roces
Model: Majestic 12 UFS

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Uploaded: 28 Jul 2008
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