Tutorial Roces - Majestic 12 USF Mod

Because so many people wanted to know how to do it,here is a Tutorial on how to make a sick skate from a old non ufs Roces skate.

figure out what parts you want to use and make sure you have them laying around

Take out the old liner, laces and soulplate.

Take a iron drill and place it on the rivets on the inside of the shell. Do so on every rivet until they are heavily weakened or popped out. Take a screw driver and whip off the frame. You can either put some force in it, or make sure all the rivets are out.

Put in the frame t-nuts, you can secure them with a ufs screw. Put in the soulplate t-nuts, if they do not slip in the holes then you can take a drill and drill the holes a bit wider.

Screw on the soulplate with a inbus

Check the Thisissoul Custom Forum for the rest of the images and text. We couldn't upload everything on this site:


living_on_skates 00 says (19 Jan 2009)

i need those liners Ivo! :|
Thisissoul NL says (19 Jan 2009)

We have some new ones in 46 and 41. It really is one of the best liner ever isn't it.
living_on_skates 00 says (19 Jan 2009)

for sure! but i'm a 44 ^^' ps; did you got my mail?
Thisissoul NL says (19 Jan 2009)

Yeah, you will get one back soon! To bad about te liner. They are very hard to get, we are lucky to have those few in stock. That is why we don't put them on our website, they are being saved for customs like the blue razors flat with black parts.
living_on_skates 00 says (19 Jan 2009)

well,i'f you can find some in 44,there mine! =D
Thisissoul NL says (19 Jan 2009)

I Have noted it own for you, But the first pair in a 44 are mine ;)
living_on_skates 00 says (19 Jan 2009)

haha,fine with me! :P oh,Ivo. do you deliver products?
Thisissoul NL says (19 Jan 2009)

Ofcourse we do! We will ship anything you like. p.s. Just a few weeks and our new online shop will be ready and ordering stuff will be a lot easier. We are going to be the biggest shop in Holland.
nitm2k NL says (28 Jan 2009)

make me some in size 48:P
Thisissoul NL says (28 Jan 2009)

47 is the highest. We do have a black shell and a white soulplate in that size. We also have the jug murda liner in a 47. Email us at custom[at]thisissoul.nl for your questions

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Uploaded by: Thisissoul

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Category: Skates
Brand: Roces
Model: Majestic 12 UFS

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