my olis reborn

I did a bit of the IW frankenstein custom stuff to it such ass cutting down the cuff flat and making the top of the boot wider cut and putting new laces. Also i took the laces from the reigns and laced them through the skate and the boot so that the liner wouldn't lift up or slide out that much especially when taking off the skate. Now what I did to the liners I will probably get a lot of hate for, I cut the neoprene wrap out. The wrap just kind of annoyed me and also with it I couldn't buckle the skate up all the way so thats why I did that. Put some older 50/50 balance frames with some 4x4 wheels on them and they are pretty sick to me, hope you guys like them at least a little bit. - older 50/50 balance frames


Bassbeton6996 00 says (12 Jan 2008)

the pic quality sucks. the idea of cutting the cuff is old. but never seen on a low cut m12. once i had a m12 that i spraypainted in the similar colour that you painted yours! should have been around 1997...;) please post some better pics. i want to see how you cut the lace part of the boot.
ninja9 AU says (12 Jan 2008)

[highlight=#cccccc]I would say that those liners are probably quiet crap w/o the neoprene. I hate the Reign neoprene shit, but if they are like the Jug neo then there will be very little padding to hold in your foot, because that was the neos job. Interesting usage with the liner laces, but normal laces would look better[/highlight]
ninja9 AU says (12 Jan 2008)

good setup .
nitm2k NL says (22 Mar 2008)

I like them:)

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Category: Skates
Brand: Roces
Model: Majestic 12 UFS

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