2010 Estilo L.E.

Had these 5 weeks now. By far the best skate I´ve had.
This is the SAMPLE skate. They will only make a limited
amount. The main diference besides the over-skin look,
I guess the HYPER "freedom concrete" 72mm 86a wheels.

I liked the old Kryptonics Sabotage 72mm 85a wheels.
Got some COZMO RV80 85a that I will use much later.

Looking forward to read the hate reply! hate away HATERS -


ant71 00 says (04 Oct 2009)

I hate that these arent mine  Sir I wish you a slow painful death with lots of painful stuff...weird stuff...butt stuff..
fabfinzz 00 says (04 Oct 2009)

man these are sick imo ive wanted a pair of the new rbs for ages these look soo sexy your lucky what size are they too?
rollman 00 says (05 Oct 2009)

Hey! How did you got them? Also, does the Concretes come stock or you putted them? Hyper Concrete are wheels designed for freeskate/freeride, a mix between freerun and aggressive skating. And where did you get them Cozmos? Please put closer pics of the Cozmos!
Thisissoul NL says (05 Oct 2009)

The new wheels are great. I have seen Sven Boekhorst skate them and the all black skate looks amazing. p.s. saple size is 42
xsjadokizer 00 says (05 Oct 2009)

I use this wheels on my FSK skates but difrent shape, more rounded, and they are greate.
Arctic roller
Arctic roller NO says (06 Oct 2009)

The wheel profile is perfect circle round like on the old Hyper pro 250. The Dream wheels on these skates would be some Labeda EXteeme 72 http://www.hawaiisurf.com/labeda-extreme-hard-2008-p-023337.html the cozmo´s are from my RB E9 skates: They where the last wheels made. http://www.skatesetup.com/comments.php?id=3009
xlarge 00 says (09 Oct 2009)

The croc skin looks sweet. Once you grind through it it'll look terrible.

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Uploaded by: Arctic roller

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Category: Skates
Brand: Rollerblade
Model: TRS

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