Deshi Carbon black

My Deshi Carbons with RB TRS Detail skins - GC FLT 2 Franky Morales


doc t
doc t 00 says (04 Aug 2009)

smart thinking by protecting the deshi's. gotta love those skates
Sam_Hawkins 00 says (04 Aug 2009)

yeah, and also, many tricks look somehow sketchy and unstylish one those since they have so narrow heel part and are so small...this will fix that :D
Justin US says (05 Aug 2009)

how about put the trs souls on too so it doesn't look completely retarded
RollsOnRemz 00 says (06 Aug 2009)

:( why oh why!!! You took a great skate and hid it under rollerblade skins ;(
Sam_Hawkins 00 says (06 Aug 2009)

justin: i dont really think it looks retarded, not to mention the fact that RB souls are like twice the weight of deshi ones rollsonremz: cos they are not durable at all and they started tearing apart after two months already, buckles were goin to be fucked up in month, so i decided to do this, and i also like them more then before..
RollsOnRemz 00 says (06 Aug 2009)

alright...well i guess thats a good reason to cover them...but i am actually amazed at how you could get the skin on those skates...ive never put any skins on skates before so maybe thats a noob question? But they dont look retarded or bad at all. Well i didnt want to sound nice setup now that i understand :)
Sam_Hawkins 00 says (07 Aug 2009)

hmm at first i was amazed that the skins fit them, too...its nothing that hard, something like a soft boot from leather and fabric u dress on the skate and mount soulplates through holes in bottom of the skins and not, u didnt say its retarded, justin did :P
Justin US says (24 Aug 2009)

seriously looks horrible look how the skin is pouring over the souls i would ruin carbons before i would ruin those classic skin please put some kind of wrap around soul on to protect the bottom of the skin and to make them look decent. also if the weight of any soul plate on deshi carbons affects you then you should just quit rolling now

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Uploaded by: Sam_Hawkins

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Category: Skates
Brand: Rollerblade
Model: TRS

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