TRS Detail

I'm SELLING these skates.

Their fairly new, haven't used them for years. They have a few marks here and there, but you can expect that with white skates. One of the wheels is slightly worn out, but all the other ones look brand new. Their is absolutely no odor from the inside and you can still see the logo on the inside of the boot, so you know they have barely been used. Other than that they look new. I took on other sports a while back and ..


halcyon 00 says (09 Jul 2010)

Dude keep em on here just for the hell of it. I don't think there's a pair of never been customized details. It'll be cool to have it on here.
halcyon 00 says (09 Jul 2010)

P.s. how much u want for em?
FriedChicken 00 says (09 Jul 2010)

The "my homepage" link up above is the link to the eBay auction. Here it is again... When I bought them way back at the time, I paid around $280. Not much has changed, but a few black marks on them and minor wear from a few grinds and the boots aren't even broken in. So I threw $100 off from what I originally paid.
halcyon 00 says (09 Jul 2010)

Eeeeeeeee. Has anybody bid on them yet? They haven't been up that long have they?.... and I assume u don't skate anymore.... I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is a person could buy a brand new pair of TRS blades or any other brand for that matter these days for 180 or even a lot less than that. The good news is that the new TRS of today are not fully customizle like those details are and plus these days people are nostalgic and want those older blades... especially if they're in that condition and that size.... the price mite be a little too high but u never know...... check out and and check out their prices on all RB skates.
FriedChicken 00 says (09 Jul 2010)

Yeah, I use to skate way back in the day. Bought them from, I checked a few websites to see prices and yeah they have dropped a lot. I just put it up today, we'll see what happens. If they don't sell, I'll figure out another price next time around.
jayjay14 00 says (01 Jan 2012)

hey still have these skate? how much ?
deglution 00 says (17 Jan 2012)

how much? what about 300? (for real)
lockholy33 00 says (30 Sep 2016)

Rodsnooker 00 says (22 Oct 2019)

Hi... do u still have them?

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Uploaded by: FriedChicken

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Category: Skates
Brand: Rollerblade
Model: TRS

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