Custom Salomon ST 10

Salomon ST 10 with Rollerblade souls, Blank frames, Rollerblade 60mm wheels.


TrackSol US says (13 Feb 2015)

How did you mod the Rollerblade souls?
pwb85 US says (17 Feb 2015)

Pretty easy mod. just dremel out the small support pieces on the inside of the souls, grind the boot down flat in the middle. Size 10 skate with size large souls. the back holes line up ok. Have to drill the front two holes. Took about 30 minutes start to finish. Way easier than modding carbon souls.
TrackSol US says (24 Feb 2015)

Thank for the info. I've got some ST8's that I want to mod for tricks and keep my Rob Thompsons as powerblade skates.
TrackSol US says (24 Feb 2015)

I have a couple more questions. Do the RB soul plates go on top of the Salomon souls like the Salomon widebodies or do they bolt up directly to the boot. If they replace the stock souls, how well do the frames bolt up without the UFS mounting tabs?
pwb85 US says (24 Feb 2015)

These are mounted directly to the boot. I ground down the boot flat in the middle, then I cut the soul parts/wings off of the stock Salomon plates and used the middle ufs frame channel like you would normally. It will leave you with a strip of plastic with the frame holes that fit perfectly between the new RB souls. I suppose you could easily mount the frames directly to the boot, but you would just need shorter frame bolts. I did mine with the original Salomon ufs so I could use the stock frame bolts and keep the boot the same height.
pwb85 US says (24 Feb 2015)

To clarify, the soul plates are directly to the boot. The frames have the original ufs plates underneath...cut to fit.

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Uploaded by: pwb85

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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