ST-80 Salomoin

A recent mod of mine. Flattened the bottom of the boot with a hack saw(really wished I had a band saw), some grinding to the carbon souls and lowered cuffs. -


halcyon 00 says (30 May 2010)

uhhhhh dope. i see more and more people doin this setup (carbon soulplates) to their salomons. with this goin on, they should re realease the skates with the carbon plates or something like them. they would be as lite as the carbon skates but A LOT cheaper.
umustlearn US says (30 May 2010)

They're actually lighter than carbons. They skate amazing. Best skate in my 14 years.
sweetpea123456789 GS says (30 May 2010)

Not bad
halcyon 00 says (30 May 2010)

thats wut im sayin man. people are always complaining about a lighter skate. and i always felt like i was in the twilight zone cuz i could have sword we already had a superlite skate. the salomons. i skate my b cams all the fuckin time and theyre the lightest shit ive ever skated.
rollman 00 says (30 May 2010)

That's sick!!! Face wheels are dope. The boot and frames alignment is perfect. What size are they? Try with some black frames!
umustlearn US says (31 May 2010)

There are size 8.
Justin US says (12 Jul 2010)

They look good for sure. Would have left the toe and heel nubs tho. You should use screws on the souls plates to secure them like the stock souls.
milan.stojanov 00 says (19 Jan 2011)

dude you must tell me the size of soulplates for size 8 of skate....and tell me too did you cut something to fit the soulplates. I must place carbon souls on my salomon
tical3hb US says (24 May 2012)

Is it just held on by the frame bolts like on the carbons? Also, what size frame bolts should I use?
alexwild85 GB says (05 Nov 2012)

@ Justin, I see you usually leave the toe and heel nubs, is this for any kind of stability, or just aesthetic? Personally I think they look better with the bottom of the boot completely flat, but if there's some other reason I'd like to know before I start hacking at mine.

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Uploaded by: umustlearn

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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Uploaded: 29 May 2010
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