Salomon Rob Thompson custom

-Salomon Rob Thompson size 8.5 shell
-White widebodies
-Jug Precise VENT liners size 8
-kizer adam zuraweicki small
-M1 uhmw antis 40mm black
-eric shrijn euology wheels 55.5mm 89a
-vicious abec 7 bearings
-fresh white laces - kizer adam zuraweicki small


shimakid12 00 says (23 Jul 2008)

nice setup man, wish I woulda held onto a pair of solomons.
*Rasta* 00 says (23 Jul 2008)

real nice setum. how are the liners fealing?
iROLL35 00 says (23 Jul 2008)

solomons with wide bodys look sick
NuEraTJ 00 says (23 Jul 2008)

your comments mean alot, its taken a while for me to figure out how to get them to the way u see now. as for the precise liners, i had sinisters in there before that, i guess i just wore to shit so they hurt my ankles (they were good liners while they lasted). the JUGs hold my foot way better with lots of padding in the tongue hold ur foot down, the insole holds your foot nice and the memory foam wears in nicely. only been skating them for about a week and love them.
606streetsoldier 00 says (23 Jul 2008)

i have size 8 razors that are tight if youre interested...
NuEraTJ 00 says (24 Jul 2008)

i will post my collection of skates and parts so if anyone wants to trade id like a size 7 if possible, pm me (sorry 606 need a size 7 for gens)
ninja9 AU says (13 Sep 2008)

them cuffs look sick, like almost see throgh, like the material from the old k2 cuffs

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Uploaded by: NuEraTJ

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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