Salomon ST-Ten With USD Throne Soulplates

Modified my salos with the following:

Dyed boot from blue to black
Removed all rivets from boot
RAZOR white cuffs with black buckles
USD white dual plates
JUG Black Big Jug liner
ABLE Gen 3. TEAM frame
GROUND CONTROL anti-rockers
Dyed Black 56mm/88A wheels
Abec-5 Bearings

The skeet feels AMAZING, I did this just to kid around with my old salos and they turned out to be my favorite skate so far. Lightweight, very comfy, fast souls, great balanced skate. All in all this combination works perfectly. Last pic is exactly how they were before modifying them. - ABLE Gen 3. TEAM frame


posternutbag 00 says (07 Feb 2008)

great work. they look surprisingly well with the USD souls.
EaseD 00 says (07 Feb 2008)

You dye your wheels? o.O Sick Setup, but the leaceholders are ugly^^
NoiL 00 says (07 Feb 2008)

size of skates? and size of soulplates?
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (07 Feb 2008)

Size 10 skate with USD XL plates
Jamo 00 says (08 Feb 2008)

how did you get these soles on did you have to make any mods plz say , i think this is a proper costume setup well done :D
Turfy STI
Turfy STI 00 says (08 Feb 2008)

It was like 4 to 5 hours with a dremel in hand to make the soles fit.
Ivan STI
Ivan STI 00 says (09 Feb 2008)

Jamo: I used some reference pics from but the rest is common sense. You have to trim A LOT, from both the boot and the inside of the plates. I found that using a dremel was the fastest and most precise option. The bottom of the skate has to be completely flat/flush and the sides where th BS groove reside also has to be havily trimmed. As you keep trimming the souls will pretty much lock into place, they are held on by the two frame bolts along with four extra bolts attached via the stock boot screws and nuts.
living_on_skates 00 says (09 Feb 2008)

the first sick salomons! the USD soulplate looks nice on that skate :)
Jamo 00 says (09 Feb 2008)

have you got a link to this pic av seen it be for but now lost it ??
nizumba1rolla2003 00 says (28 Feb 2008)

pretty. check out my wheels
joejamin121 00 says (12 Mar 2008)

hey man sick mod!! gotta ask, was there any customising needed to put the cuffs on?? and also was it worth the time to fit the soul plate on??? i wanna do this sorta theme to my mintons wide bodies suck!
nitm2k NL says (23 Mar 2008)

really great thing to do man, I want salomons for ramps man! They fit perfectly and your mod makes em even better!
kirk 00 says (23 Apr 2008)

so you hate on my shit but your gonna rock my soul plates??? Fag....
Seppuku 00 says (10 May 2008)

Gr8 work dude.Nice salos ^^ .
606streetsoldier 00 says (08 Jul 2008)

major progress, props
blacksail 00 says (16 Jun 2014)

Great work!
I hate cuff of a salomons boots, with that heel rivets it makes cuff very hard and ankle joint less movable and hurts my tibia(lower leg):D

I had fu****g bruises becouse of it, so i desided to cut it from the boots, end result is, custom cuffs :) it works nice.

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Uploaded by: Ivan STI

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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