Salomon with Valo plates

My new Salomon st10 with Valo plates. They skate really solid.

blue st10 shell
white usd buckle
white/black valo plates
black jub murda liner
white/blue eulogy wheels
white/blue kizer jojo frames

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franktastic 00 says (15 Mar 2009)

nice costum!
rollman 00 says (15 Mar 2009)

Nice custom. Did you had to cut the blocks on the back and the front of the Valo plates? (those that make the Roces shell flat) ? By the way can you please post a pic of a back of a normal Salomon next to this custom, from the same camera angle as the third picture, just to see how much the Valo plates are large?
Thisissoul NL says (15 Mar 2009)

The raised heel in the valo plate needed to be grinded down entirely. That took a lot of effort. luckily I have the tools and experience to do so. Compare the back with this picture. I don't have my camera right now.
Justin US says (16 Mar 2009)

Sick custom <3 ditissoul
Ix42 00 says (17 Mar 2009)

whats up with you guys and kizer amazing setup though i want a pair
Seppuku 00 says (17 Mar 2009)

Ivo please give me a tip - i have 10.5 US size salos,what size valo plates do i need ?10.5 US?
Thisissoul NL says (17 Mar 2009)

if it says size 28 - 28,5 on the bottom of your salomon, then you should get a size 11 valo plate. @Ix42 Kizer frames are really good, come in a lot of colours, are cheap and the service is better than sunsine ditribution.
Seppuku 00 says (18 Mar 2009)

Thank you :)
lloydsk8 00 says (19 Mar 2009)

VALOMONS THESE ARE GENUINE VALOMONS lol this is a pretty good setup, looks nice and the colours match up nicely, I'd skate em anyday!

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Uploaded by: Thisissoul

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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