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Ive had a 2 year break from skating as i was living in London and everything is capped or has crazy security i just moved to Trinidad in the caribbean and there is tons to skate plus no hassles and great weather so the skates had to be reborn :)..And sent over to me but when i dusted these off a few weeks ago the chaz sands frames where dead as was the wheels and original soul plates so i went about converting these to bring them back to life rather than buying a new pair of skates. First i had to sand the rear sides of the boot a little and also sand the bottom completely flat plus take a bit off the inside of the backside groove on the soul plates also sand the inside of the boot.. I found the souls will not fit perfect straight away but once the UFS screws are in place and tightened up they all come togeather and sit nice and flush.Ive never skated freestyle before and found these frames cheap from rollersnakes i also from time to time like to roll flat (My normal setup was anti) so i got a Kizer fluid frame and put 4x4 Haffey wheels in place. Laces are white usd items and the buckle is from a pair of USD Thrones
Conversion time was abought 2 hours but i could now do it again in around 30mins but i do have a industrial sander :)
skate size is 8.5 UK and the soul plate was a large i think for 43-44??

- Kaltik or Kizer


xsjadokizer 00 says (05 Feb 2010)

why you replace the best ever salomon buckles on the usd? and the plates...maybe it is popular, to do this change on salo's but original salomonis are better
rocketraz82 00 says (06 Feb 2010)

I couldnt find replacements where i live so i did the conversion plus the soul space was a bit limited it wasnt that much better than my Majestic 12s from 95!! ive since had a few sessions on these skates and im sure i made the right choice!!

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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