mintons with carbon souls

Set up by Justin at Thursday Customs. Minton 1st generation with black Usd carbon souls. Rob Thompson Salo frames with 4x4 Thompson outer wheels and six won six antirocker.


Dabby US says (08 Dec 2013)

lol.....there is no thursdays customs....he IS justin thursday and does custom mods .....sic tho
antirocker US says (09 Dec 2013)

He is good at this mod. I highly recommend sending salomons his way. I was just going by what my PayPal receipt said on it as well as the email I got that said "Thursday Customs has sent you a package" when I put that in the description. Sorry about that, Justin, if you read this and are offended.
Dabby US says (09 Dec 2013)

doubtful he will be..but yeah he does for sure do some custom shit .....but nowdays this mod is so commonly done you coulda managed it solo id bet....sick ass setup tho nonetheless
antirocker US says (09 Dec 2013)

Justin Fuelling. Best customs around this here world wide web. Google it. My opinion.
Dabby US says (10 Dec 2013)

are you on the salomom page on FB? many many sweet mods NOT by him...Adapt souls/ vii souls/cuttingboard souls..everyone with salos has this mod or it MY OPINION
antirocker US says (10 Dec 2013)

No man I don't have Facebook. I can't seem to find anything on MySpace either. Thanks again Justin. Love my blades.
antirocker US says (10 Dec 2013)

I heard salomon is going to release 2 limited edition aggressive skates early next spring though. Nick Riggle pro in the soft boot and Chris Cheshire in hard.

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Uploaded by: antirocker

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Category: Skates
Brand: Salomon
Model: UFS Salomon

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