How to V-cut your USD cuff

. Many skaters say that the new v-cut cuff on the 07 Sagona is a real improvement to the USD throne. Flexibility is increased while ankle support remains the same. Well, I have been skating classic thrones forever, so I just wanted to give the new cuff a try but instead of buying a new cuff I decided to v-cut the cuff by myself. The result was great so I decided to make another v-cut cuff for my friends skate... I hope you enjoy the tutorial. [b]DISCLAIMER:[/b] I will not be held responsible if you get get hurt customizing your skate. If you mess up your cuff I'm not going to buy you a new one, so you better make sure to get it done right. [b]1. Step: Take out the liner (you don't really want to v-cut your liner!)[/b] [img][/img] [b]2. Step: Print out the stencil[/b] (I made it by myself. Its not the original v-cut) [img][/img] [b]]3. Step ..cut out the stencil and glue it on the cuff. [/b] NOTE: My cuff is size small. I don't now if it will fit a size large cuff. If you feel that the stencil is to small or to big just resize the picture on your computer and print it out again. [img][/img] [img][/img] [b]Step 4: Take a jig-saw and cut along the stencil. [/b] Make sure to get a smooth cut otherwise the cuff might rip. [img][/img] [b]Step 5: Now the cuff will look something like this... [/b] [img][/img] [b]Step 6: Take a file and grind down the edge a little.[/b] [img][/img] [b]Step 7: Enjoy your new v-cut cuff :-)[/b] Let me know what you guys think! [img][/img] -


Kloob 00 says (15 Apr 2007)

on both of the cuts its more or less a U-cut. and it increases flex, and with the v-cut it uses all the musicles in the back of your legs allowing you to jump higher as the muscles in the back of your leg are getting stronger. great tutorial and great help thanks
Swedenroller 00 says (15 Apr 2007)

nicely done! I don't skate USD's but for great tut for the ones that does! keep it up!
Kloob 00 says (15 Apr 2007)

regardless if the liner is v-cut or not, you still get more flex from the cuff, which can help some skaters, although flex is sposed to come from the bending of the legs. some skaters cant do that for some reason, so have to bend their ankles, hense why some skaters skate cuffless remz without the padding in the back. i skate v-cut becuase i like the way it feels when you lean back, you get alot more freedom. all round v-cut is a good way to skate, i'd recommend it
SkateSetup DE says (16 Apr 2007)

[quote=Al Dolega]FYI: there are only two sizes of cuffs for Thrones: small (US 6-9) and large (US 9.5-13). ....[/quote] Thanks:D, its fixed now!
Fortunate Few
Fortunate Few 00 says (08 Jul 2007)

I LOVE YOU! thanks.
Roll_Model 00 says (31 Jul 2007)

I just did this mod and I used a steak knife and it worked and I have a large cuff. all i thought was bad about it was the stencil made the cut way to deep in my opinion so I just made it more a shallow cut and it works perfect
luisu AR says (04 Oct 2007)

como los pinto¿? i need to just put my skate another color how¿?
GrafKID 00 says (27 Nov 2007)

can you use the same template to v cut razors/remz fankies cuffs?
rockorulez DE says (28 Feb 2008)

yo u dont even need a jigsaw i did it only with the saw of a pocketknife on some griptape the smoothen it . the result on my large cuff with the stencil is perfect in my opinion ill post it soon great work dude [img][/img]
Edd20022 GB says (06 Dec 2008)

[quote=iPog]course you want to cut the liner v cut aswell as the cuff! otherwise it just defies the whole point of v cutting the cuff in the first place! as you said the v cut lets you use the muscles in your ankle, but if you dont cut the liner then those muscles will still be covered up so they cant be used anyway, dur! every skate that is v cut has a v cut liner, fact.[/quote] What about the Remz OS series? the come with V cut cuff, but not with V cut liners. Its not the liner that is restrictive its the cuff. I skate 0802's with a V cuff and stock liner, and i have found a massive improvement with the manuverability of my feet.
DenZense CO says (14 Feb 2009)

this feels great is a lot easier to do the topsides ThNX

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