Dom Sagona

Reign liners, second regime wheel, 50-50 frames, chrome usd 3 piece souls. Brand spankin new in the box got em for 50$ off ebay. Liners are amazing. Added the grey 2 piece, gc f1 frames and farmer 4x4 wheels and yellow laces and trust liners. Edit= just messin around added the purple cuff and treseder freestyles, ugly but i like ugly so whatever . - 50-50


ryan6f7 00 says (15 Oct 2009)

Yes the frames are small, i got big feet i cant help it lol. Gonna put some grey 2 piece souls on them and large flt2's
halcyon 00 says (17 Oct 2009)

How is everybody finding this shit on ebay but I can't find squat?
ryan6f7 00 says (17 Oct 2009)

The secret to finding the real deals on ebay is not to search for "aggressive skates" or specific brands. Just type in inline skates and scroll through the pages. I think you find people who got quality stuff and just dont know the real value, or moms selling skates their kids never used. These sagonas were never used brand new and i was the only bidder. Ive scored 4 pair of skates for less than the cost of on new set of boots from a skate shop. Ive scored brand new roces oli shorts, mint shima 3's, mint remz 03 LE and these babys all for about 200$. Im not trying to brag im just spewing the wonders of ebay lol.
halcyon 00 says (18 Oct 2009)

Thanks bro. I've been searching for years but I never knew everyone elses secret. All these guys are like" I found these on ebay" and I'm was goin crazy tryin to find out how.
ryan6f7 00 says (18 Oct 2009)

No prob man, plus it doesnt hurt to look as often as possible. A lot of these got real low buy it now options so you gotta be ready to jump on it. What sucks is im a 13 and i find crazy deals for smaller skates lol. Damn sasquatch feet!
ninja9 AU says (18 Oct 2009)

are these about a size 11 and did they come w/ Fiziks frames?
halcyon 00 says (18 Oct 2009)

yeah. I actually looked last nite and found 2 pair of aragon 2s cutomized and fully stocked for 50$. I think I'm gonna be shopping ebay from now one.
ryan6f7 00 says (22 Oct 2009)

No they are a 13 and came with the 50/50 frames
abritto3 00 says (24 Oct 2009)

last setup is too much
abritto3 00 says (24 Oct 2009)

all setups are nice but the last. looks like barney threw up on your skates. no offense

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Uploaded by: ryan6f7

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: UFS Throne

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Uploaded: 15 Oct 2009
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