Thisissoul custom USD - Grycon

This is one of the many skates that has been donated to us. We brought it back to life with a new USD - Dualplate and an Kizer Fluid III frame

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Prosto 00 says (01 May 2008)

mmmm i love grycons but witch jug big j
ivanroller 00 says (29 May 2008)

(please excuse the bad english) i have this grycon.. so i think the ufs throne soulplate would not be used with grycon! first becouse this skate is shaped as your feet but throne souls are flat!!! so this difference of shapes will cause your grycon get broken because the screw wich is under the heel (which holds the frame) does not support well all your body weight... I recommend for this Grycon to use Roces Majestic Soulplates or Valo Soulplates. those are shaped. (En español) tengo estos patines grycon y realmente no recomiendo sar los soulplates usd throne porque simplemente son planos y la forma de los grycon son diferentes tienen el talon mas alto entonces el tornillo que sujeta el frame en la parte de atras soporta mucho peso y tiende a rajar la base del patin ya que al patinar se hacen movimientos mus bruscos sobre todo en los grinds. En todo caso yo recomiendo usar unos soulplates de Valo o Roces Majestic ya que tienen la misma forma que los grycon por dentro ;)
Thisissoul NL says (03 Jun 2008)

good comment. We will make one of those in the future!

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Uploaded by: Thisissoul

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: UFS Throne

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Uploaded: 01 May 2008
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