VII Team with Classic Soulplates

Easy fit on, no modification necessary. A good alternative to those who do not find the right size in Classic Thrones.

Skaters skate or have skated the VII skate include Daniel Prell, Woropaj Note, Adrien Anne, Roman Abrate, Adrien Clairaz, Oli Benet, Carlos Pianowski, Adam Zurawiecki. - Type M Team


sweetpea123456789 GS says (25 Jul 2009)

Is it possible to mold the Grycon/7 boot to accept UFS Classic Throne plates, or mold the Classic Plates to fit the Grycon boot? Because I love the compactness of the Grycon boot and would love to use Throne souls on them, but I hate the size of the Classic Throne boots. 00 says (26 Jul 2009)

These are classic throne soulplates, so yes! the VII and grycon have the same base
bcardoso 00 says (21 Aug 2009)

Great setup ^^ I also want to do it to my seven, but I do not know what size soulplate I get that, I'm Portuguese and the size of my skate here is No. 45 and I think there is the 11 ... which the size of souplate I have to get so there is no gap between soulplate and boots?
halcyon 00 says (21 Aug 2009)

Sexy....... lovein...... Skates
bcardoso 00 says (23 Aug 2009)

PLease answer my question !! what size of souplates i have to buy to put in my Seven's nº11?

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Category: Skates
Brand: USD
Model: VII (Seven)

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Uploaded: 24 Jul 2009
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