JJ.1 Black

FOR SALE!FOR SALE! FOR SALE! FOR SALE! These are my size 9 JJ's. I got them at a skate shop for a super awesome price cuz i know the owner. They are a really great ride but i really do not like the suspensions. However the 4x4 broskow wheels and viscious abec 7's are just freakin bosses. The boots are so sick too. The soul plates are like a freaking runway, you cannot miss a rail even on the negative side. They are very comfy too, they also somehow keep your foot from getting to hot. They are getting to small for me and i want to get rid of them, i you want email me a good price and if you want i can send you more pics. They are in great condition, i treated them like a million dollars. i may keep the wheels and bearings though. Kizer Suspension


xlarge 00 says (13 Jun 2008)

how much you get em for?
Xblader 00 says (13 Jun 2008)

I got them for 285$, for everything.
ninja9 AU says (15 Jun 2008)

how much for ze frames? and in what country do you currently reside?
ninja9 AU says (15 Jun 2008)

I got the same boot in the same size, isnt that amazing? woopty doo
Xblader 00 says (15 Jun 2008)

Ninja9 Are you asking how much i paid for the frames or how much i want them for? Oh i live in Missouri in the U.S. Reminding everyone veiwing these skates THEY ARE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE EMAIL ME AT kokopuff_rocks@yahoo.com

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Uploaded by: Xblader

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Category: Skates
Brand: Valo
Model: Classic Valo

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