Basic1 Farmer 2 combo

This is my safari xsjado setup, gaining the name due to the lemur on the skate and the bird on the frame, oh and the fact there is some leopard print behind it, wowza.

-Basic souls w/ half farmer2 plates.
-Basic toe straps.
-Able Arias pro w/ 4 down Damien Wilson on each frame.
-bones reds bearings


RBfoeva 00 says (03 Jul 2009)

these look great! i ordered a pair of these boots a couple days ago! i cant wait for them to get to my house. how are they? thanks
Lanky 00 says (04 Jul 2009)

Well i had a pair of the basics before riding the farmers. and these feel so much better. The double strap over the mono, makes a huge difference with customizing how you want the boot to feel. There is more padding underneath buckle area, as well as a little padded part for the toe strap, thus making your foot feel more locked and secure.
sweetpea123456789 GS says (04 Jul 2009)

Sick, I have those wheels. You have a fast setup with those bearings and frame height!
RBfoeva 00 says (04 Jul 2009)

awesome man. thanks for the info. btw...ables are kick ass frames.
RBfoeva 00 says (09 Jul 2009)

hey xsjados got here three days ago and i have to say they are amazing skates. slide good, great flex, and big souls.. awesome

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Uploaded by: Lanky

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Category: Skates
Brand: Xsjado
Model: Classic Xsjado

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