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Xsjado Jeff Stockwell RED
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D.L 2
31 Jan 2010 comment on D.L 2

OMG the skates now really look like from some where out of the Earth
Xsjado Jeff Stockwell RED
19 Dec 2009 comment on Xsjado Jeff Stockwell RED

[quote=wildcat]they look proper nice on the m types man gotta say, i prefere the blue ones, but theese are the best i've seen the reds look[/quote] thanx! i'd like to see some pics when u got ur blue ones. Roll 4 life
The holy throne
13 Sep 2008 comment on The holy throne

[quote=Ivan STI]ignore the negative comments man, those are SEXY and the difference in reds actually makes them more unique. 6/6[/quote] u got me man. that's why i put the frames on it in the first place, cuz i don't want them look too like straight out from the company.
The holy throne
12 Sep 2008 comment on The holy throne

[quote=stubbsy]not bad. but the bright red h block clashes horribly with the burgandy boot. [/quote] then why don't u own a company and design me some frames like that i'd buy 666 of em
12 May 2008 comment on USD FEINBERG CUSTOM

[quote=stubbsy]digging that skate. looks so fresh. and how'dya get the bandana on the cuff? hit me up on that and i'm gunna put a white bandana on my cuff. [/quote] just get some contact adhesive or super glue somthing like these that u can stick ur bandana on the cuff well, smear the glue on cuff then put your bandana on it(if you wanna put a white one better choose some clear glue or it might comes out with stained n dirty one:no:) once the bandana sticks on the cuff perfectly just take a scissor follow the edge of ur cuff cut the rest of the bandana, once this done ur ready to roll:D plus check out this hope this would help too

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