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USD Allstar 07
19 Nov 2007 comment on USD Allstar 07

deln- Frame spacers are uilt ito the frame Kap09- Sorry mate :) I guess you will have to pick up another pair of thrones.. Come back to the dark side my friend :) EaseD- To each their own. These pictures really don't do them justice.
Deshi ch1
28 Jun 2007 comment on Deshi ch1

What size would you recommend? I wear a size 11 deshi kick 3. Would a size 11 Big J liner work? Or would I have to get the next size shell?
Deshi ch1
26 Jun 2007 comment on Deshi ch1

How are the big J liners in the CH1's? I was thinking getting those for my CH1's.
Deshi CH1
10 May 2007 comment on Deshi CH1

I am ordering that boot as soon as the American shops have them in stock.. SICK! Good job!
Deshi Kelso 2
10 May 2007 comment on Deshi Kelso 2

Thanks everyone for the nice words. Fitz, I think most people are correct when they say that the Kelso 2 skate is stiff. They are incredibly stiff at first, but after a good session, they are perfect. Much better than the older DK models. I would highly recommend them. However, the Kicks 3's that I have are 10 times better than these as far as support and flex. If you get any deshi, get Kicks 3 or the new CH1.

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