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shima 7 -back in black
12 Jul 2009 comment on shima 7 -back in black

<P>[quote=Thisissoul]wow, great skates! what wheels are these?[/quote]<BR><BR><BR>Thanks...<BR><BR>Black 52 mm wheels from TGM skateboards. <BR><BR>According to their site that was one of the last sets and I dont know what Ill do for wheels now? Maybe try Eulogy?</P> <P>Apart from of course those brand wheels in your picture, Cozmo, even though their made here in Australia, I dont see them releasing anty more batches soon.<BR></P> <P>Yeah I know we should support rollerblading companys but Ive had 10 sets of these and while their super hard and slippery (especially on cement parks), they have never warped or broken. Their hubless, thats how all skate wheels should be.</P> <P> </P>
Murda One
25 Dec 2008 comment on Murda One

<P>Im sorry, you were both soooo right.<BR><BR>Switching the buckle mixed me up.</P> <P> </P> <P>Thanks<BR><BR><BR></P>
cult 4
25 Dec 2008 comment on cult 4

those are a nice version of the cul series. The white frames compliment the white souls
Murda One
24 Dec 2008 comment on Murda One

check the description, the buckle is backwards because I tend to break buckles easily and razors buckles are expensive and hard to get where I live.<BR><BR>The receptor or latches are easy as f**K to get a hold of and cheap.<BR><BR><BR><BR>the cuff is the right way around.<BR>
RB Dirks or CE Chocolates
24 Dec 2008 comment on RB Dirks or CE Chocolates

the tarmacs actually had grindplates( wrap around metal) that covered the front wheels spaces and back wheel as wheels as the middle wheels. Why? because Chris Edwards did toe slides (fastslides done between the first and second wheel)

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