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ch 1
22 Nov 2007 comment on ch 1

[quote=Scottish_Dave]send them back and get some skates that will last longer than a month[/quote] trust me they last longer then that, those arent the first gen deshis which only lasted a week,lol, and if your deshis last no longer then a month then you must be some hardcore skater me im getting Ch1s this friday and slaping my red core balance frames on em
Salomon st-9
22 Nov 2007 comment on Salomon st-9

that setup is form www.skatestop.com good guy, surprised his shop is still around
Remz non UFS skate  black and grey
01 Jul 2007 comment on Remz non UFS skate black and grey

the first ones were the 98s which were white with black toe and red trim, the 99s were the all black with red trim, and the 00s are the ones up top

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